Saturday, September 25, 2010

Biggest Loser- I will be

I read from a showbiz site that we will be having “The biggest Loser” show here in our country next year and that a very famous actress who is also on the big side is hosting the show but she is now on the process of losing weight and preparing for the said show. I’m sure she’ll be as fit as she can when she hosts next year. Losing weight in good and healthy way takes a lot of time. And I am quite sure her being a celebrity is losing weight under a supervision of a good fitness teacher and maybe she’s even doing Home workouts because she can afford to have the luxury of a gym in her very own house.

To lose weight means to exercise, to do work outs, to move and of course to follow a healthy diet. But it is also important to know what your body needs during and after work out. I bring a bottle of water when I go to the gym (unfortunately that was 2 years ago already) because I know we lose a lot of water when we exercise thus it is very important to replace them after. A supplement like P90X Recovery Drink is another nice to haves. It helps in replenishing the fluids loss during a rigorous workout.

Another nutritional drink you might want to complement your weight loss program is Shakeology. It is made up of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is also is loaded with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients which help eliminate toxins and shed stored fat. You can have a thirty day love it or send back sort of guarantee thing if you like. Honestly, my sister tried a similar drink before and yes she lost weight and did something great about her hormonal imbalance which eventually leads for her conceiving and giving birth. (That I am currently praying for)

I will not join the biggest loser but I joked hubby about it but as soon as I start an exercise again I’ll share every bit of weight lost here and I hope I'll lose big.

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