Thursday, August 5, 2010

We love you Maria!

Our church said goodbye to Maria last Tuesday night. She stayed with us for four weeks and she's a lovely girl. everyone loves her and we were blessed to have her for almost a month. We had beautiful memories with her, although all of her pictures are now lost ( she lost her camera on her last night, left it on the cab) and that was sad but with or without pictures, she will always be remembered.
We love how she chose to stay at the church mission's house with cockroaches and rats everywhere, in a small room which is not even equipped with Kwikset locks, a tiny bed, a shared bathroom without an automatic flush, without a shower (which means they used pail and dipper) but all in all she said she enjoyed her stay.

She willingly ate all the Filipino foods we offered and at least tried to eat balut (but she really can't). She visited a lot of ministries. And was even subjected to an unwanted meeting with a group which ended out so well and celebrated her 20th birthday with us.

We will miss you girl!

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Vera said...

It is sad that she lost her camera, and on her last night pa! But I'm sure memories of her stay with you and your church are etched in her memory. :)