Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Praying for a ministry VAN

Please pray with us for a ministry vehicle, probably an AUV type van. I see the need of this for our children’s ministry. Like this Saturday, we will be transporting the kids from their community to the center for the Hygiene Day and we do not have a van, good thing God led us to a neighbor who is willing to lend his van this Saturday.

I will ask for quotation next week so we would know how much funds we would need and how much amount we should be praying for. I am definitely not looking at rv for sale but will go into second hand van for sale if possible. Estimated amount needed for the vehicle is more or less US$13,000 for brand new.

Please..please pray for us. This would really help us in doing the ministry.
Thanks and Blessings to you all!!


Andrew said...

meron ka rin nito. hahaha. meron din ako niyan.

sexyjessie said...

Will uphold your request in my prayer. Amen.