Friday, May 28, 2010

Hygiene Day tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the big event for our kids ministry, “back to school-hygiene day” is happening tomorrow and for sure volunteers will be needing the best wrinkle cream after, hehe. Dealing with hundreds of kids is no joke.

But of course, I know that as we serve these kids we are doing it also for the Lord, in return God will give us JOY that is embedded deed within. Joy that can not be bought and if you are joyful you will not be needing any creams at all to make you feel and look young.

Please pray that this ministry will be instrumental for the kid’s family to come to know Jesus Christ.

Intercede for us please. We need it.

1 comment:

sexyjessie said...

I agree with you that serving the kids will bring us the joy that is everlasting.

Keep on serving the Lord, sister!