Monday, April 5, 2010

Walking, Exercise and Oprah's store

Last night, me and my husband decided to get back into walking again, we both need exercise and so far walking is the only thing that I can do. Before we left for Malaysia we used to have this morning walking in one of the public park here but things went wrong with me when I tried to add some aerobics in top of that daily walking. So we kept those exercise clothes until such time that my body permits me to do walking again. And I feel I am ready now. I mean except for occasional dizziness which I think was mainly because of the abnormal sleeping hour I feel I can do some exercise now.

Anyways, change topic. Did you know that Oprah is selling her once worn clothes in her store? So if you feel like you want to feel being her and you like her choice of women's clothing you can visit her store and see for your self, they have also loungewear which I have yet to see. Not that I will be able to buy one but you know, girls or women always want to window shop once in a while.

While we were in Malaysia also we often talk about Oprah’s church and I am not by any chance going to discuss it here, but smart readers can always do their own research about her and I guess everyone has the right to her own opinion.

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