Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids Ministry -DVBS

Daily vacation Bible school is currently on going in our church. DVBS is an annual summer activity for the kids. This year’s theme is “CARING FOR THE PLANET” which I find great because it is not only good but also necessary to teach the kids about our home planet with climate change and global warming happening today.

Dear husband is teaching the kids all the songs about the planet and he has been singing it whole week in our house :)

Yesterday was the first day and as usual it is chaotic, what can you expect to have less than 100 kids at the church at one time? Who would need an alli weight loss with that? :) But I am sure the volunteer teachers were able to handle them. I wish I was there to help the whole week but I have work. But my mind was with the DVBS the whole day yesterday.

Today is the second day and can't wait to hear stories from hubby later :)

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