Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy but good weekend

hello!! how's everyone? How's your weekend? How did you spend it? Did you go to church? Did you spend it with your family?

We had a pretty busy weekend for ministries but it was good. It started last Friday night, we lead the worship in the ACLIM's 3rd Anniversary.

Saturday morning, dear husband went with our church husband's swimming fellowship and in the afternoon we went to Divisoria to buy the supplies needed for the Daily Vacation Bible School for kids. Saturday evening, we had the regular worship team practice for the Sunday Worship. This time though, we started to have prayer time first before the proper rehearsal. I hope and pray that we will continue to do this. Prayer is an integral part of worship. And as I have said before God is teaching not only me and the worship team but our church as well to spend more time in prayer.

Sunday Worship was great! It was so pleasant to see people lifting their hands to God, worshiping Him, opening their hearts to God and I know that's because someone (some) prayed.

Sunday evening, we were invited to a swimming farewell party and off we went, it was an hour and a half travel with our motorbike (quite far actually) but it's ok, along our way we passed by a certain Auto Show (for sure there are Ferrari parts on sale there so we we're slightly held in a traffic.

We just arrived home few hours ago. It's already Monday morning (2 AM exact time). It was a busy and long weekend but it was good.

Have a nice week everyone!!

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