Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ministry Needs

It's been 4 days since the Praisin Kid's Town event, (see pictures below) and again from us, thank you very much for the help you extended, those who supported for funds and for those who gave their time, we are very grateful.

Now, we are working for the Christmas party for the same kids. We know very well that these kids would enjoy again the Christmas party we are preparing for them.

Please include us in your prayers again, here are our ministry needs

1. funds - we want to give each kid a grocery bag for the family to enjoy on Christmas eve.

2. toys -for the kids

3. food for the party

We also need a vehicle (van), we need this in picking up the kids in their area, bless our neighbor for lending us his in our last event. On our next mini carnival since we have now the dance pad we will just be needing our own tv not necessarily LCD tvs actually a second hand one will do just so we will not borrow na.

Again, thank you for being with us in this ministry, we will keep you all posted for the upcoming events for the kids!

God bless you all!!

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