Monday, August 3, 2009

Shortlist for the “nice gift” to husband

His birthday is coming so soon! And although I know it would be very fine even without a gift for me, I would still want to give him something that would surprise him and make him happy. After all he deserves the best! So I made a shortlist, kind of my wish list for him.

1. Ipod –it’s still first on the list because he doesn’t only want it but he needs it.
2. A new phone – Our cellular phones are both old and both need replacement especially his which is already 6 years old.
3. A new pair of black pants- for the church services
4. Hard drive – he’s been insisting for this since our computer broke down.

I am still praying I can buy him Item #1 but again with or without a gift for me he will still be special!

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Denise said...

Hope he enjoys his birthday.