Monday, August 17, 2009

loving our new home!

We are now settled only because it was an extended weekend for us yesterday. I texted my boss and asked if I could stay home because as I have written before we're moving and we finally did last Friday night. So the new home was mess for three days and yesterday we finally managed to clean and fixed most of the stuff. We already have curtains, did some painting for the kitchen cabinet and it looks good now,

I am so happy..the feeling of going home to a HOME is very new to me and I am loving it!

The only downside is that because it is now a real home, we are enjoying eating together and Carmel and I are planning of learning and cooking new dishes. I know it won't be long till the husband offer me some appetite suppressants or else we will both gain a lot of weight in a matter of time.

But really, though it is not yet fully furnished and there are still adjustments and arranging to be done. I am enjoying it. I realized now how much I miss a quiet place.


Denise said...

Praise God, so glad you are enjoying your new home sweetie. I love you.

sexyjessie said...

Glad that you moved to your new home. God bless!