Sunday, May 3, 2009

My thoughts

I just want to thank all the beautiful ladies from Thankful Thursday meme, Thankful Thursday have been an outlet for me, not only with what I am thankful for but also with what I am praying for. And I never fail to get an encouragement every time I participate in the said meme.

Last week I talked about husband’s sister and the current problem we are having with her right now. We are bringing her to the health center this afternoon to have her first pre-natal.

I guess life will not stop but we have to make changes and adjustments.

One good thing this trial has brought us was that it caused us to draw more nearer to the Lord as He is the only source of our strength.

I already talked to a friend with regards to how I feel about this and I am feeling a lot better now. I understand that I don’t have to feel guilty about her, yes, she’s lived with us but I can not control her actions and her thoughts, we can only give her advice and our prayers. There’s no point in making my self guilty.

With regards to our ministries,

Hubby is still leading the worship team of our church and I think he has a renewed passion for it. I want to praise God for that. The LJBC worship team will be leading a Pastors & Christian Leaders Conference on Wednesday and it’s a privilege.

We will be having another “hygiene day” outside Metro Manila and we are all excited with that. Please be with us in praying for a van (those rv vans are nice!) as we need it badly for the ministry, especially if we will push trough with the mobile hygiene.

We will be accepting applicants for the scholarship soon and I pray for God's wisdom in selecting the deserving students. Please pray also for the provision and for more supporters of this ministry.

Thanks again for praying and being with us in our ministries.


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Denise said...

You are all in my prayers sweetie.