Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The power of prayer

This week's coffee break from Jan.

If I have to write how the power of prayer touched my life? I’ll probably finish it at the end of the day or maybe I can not finish it all.

So I really do not know how to start because even how big or how small the answered prayer was it still touched my heart in so many different ways.

Seeing my parents happy and healthy- that’s a prayer answered.

Being healed from any sickness – that’s a prayer answered

Needs being met-that’s a prayer answered

And I can go on and on and on.

Prayer is not something I do when I need something from God. Prayer is not only asking and pleading. It is how I communicate with my Lord, it can only be a whisper in the morning as I wake up or it can be words being said to HIM during and in between office hours.

I know I don’t need to kneel long hours to say a prayer nor a thousand words.

I just talk to HIM and talking to HIM makes all the difference in my life.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

=) at times, my prayer time would just be to sit still as i listen to Him.

Nanaybelen said...

anytime , I just whisper to tell Him what I would like to say.