Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ministry Updates

Children of Hope (BATANG PAGASA)

There will be a big event for the kids on Saturday, 27th of September. We call it "Praisin Kid's Town" (mini carnival). As early as now the kids are excited to go because we told them there will be games and prizes and food for all of them. We really praise God for the provision, we started with zero funds but God moved people's hearts to bless the kids and this ministry. Some of my office mates donated crayons, pencils, coloring pens and coloring books for the arts and craft section. But right now we are still praying for some more funds I think we still need a few thousand pesos but we trust GOD that come Saturday this will be met.

The number of kids who will attend as of today is now at 225 and I'm sure there will be more so we are preparing for 300 kids from all of our 6 areas. We pray for more volunteers also to come as you all know it wouldn't be easy having 300 kids around.


We are excited for a new fund raising concert for the FISHNETS and ARMS OF LOVE ministry, we named the event "HAWAK MO, KINABUKASAN KO" (You hold my future) this will happen on November 21, proceeds will go to gift giving funds just in time for Christmas. It will be a 3 hour concert with special participation of the kids themselves, an interpretative dance from the singles group and a mime number from the youth. Ticket price is at 150.00 but it comes with a limited edition of thermal mug.

I thank God for using more and more people to bless those less fortunate kids we are helping. I thank God for their heart, they really have the compassion for the kids more especially for the poor.

Thank God for Pastor Jonie who was recently appointed to handle the music ministry. It feels good to have him during our practice, encouraging us and boosting the morale of the group.


Please help us pray for people who will support this ministry, we have been running out of funds but that won't stop us in helping these people finish their school and give them at least a chance of a good life here on earth.

Last Sunday, we made or can I say I? :) leche flan and the scholars sold them at the church right after the service, It was kinda hard because it was my first time to do that, well I thought I could cook it as easy as that because I often help Mom when she does that but I failed, I was awake till 3 in the morning and I only made 10 pieces and had 200.00 profit from it. Hubby said the effort and the time does not worth it. I agreed with him. Here is a picture of the finished product which I taste tested.
I'm thinking of another "good food" to sell next Sunday.

We are also looking for at least 50 people who can give/support at least 20.00 a week. That would be sufficient to meet the needs of this ministry. So far we have two regular supporters and we need to challenge more.

Last week, our scholars gave me their report cards to and I must say I'm impressed, I know now that they are doing good in school, that they are studying very well. It is one good and valid reason not to stop helping them.

Below are pictures of our present scholars. Will write profile of them here soon.

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Joy-Anne said...

Hi Rocks! Your blogs have been all inspiring. I look forward to your wonderful entries. I pray that your ministry will continue to be blessed.I hope I can help you but how can I send even a small amount to your group to help the scholars and the kids you feed? God bless.