Friday, December 5, 2014

Pray for the Philippines

As we are challenged once again by this typhoon with International Name Hagupit and locally named here Ruby. Heading towards Visayas region but is so wide it could affect some areas in Mindanao and Luzon areas. It has strong winds too, initially it was "super typhoon" but just this afternoon it was downgraded to typhoon but just the same a typhoon is a typhoon. So we should all prepare for it and be ready just in case.

Charge your mobile phone batteries, get candles or torch in case electricity is cut off and of course stock on food. I myself experienced that "no food during typhoon" and it's quite hard.   Don't forget to secure your pets too, check EntirelyPets blog and find some tips there and cute videos too :)

Most of all, please do not forget t pray. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we can have.

Be safe everyone!


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