Sunday, January 26, 2014

Home Music Studio

One big dream of Rudolf is to built his own home music studio. And I know God will honor this dream and He will grant it someday. It is so nice to make plans actually, when we talk about building our two floor house, one of the room downstairs will be his studio, he even mention to me how big (or maybe small) it should be. And even if we are only paying for the lot today, he is now starting to collect stuff for his dream music studio. And I'm sure he would also love to have this good tc helicon voicetone correct vs xt at musicians friend.

I can see that someday, he will be producing more worship albums for new bands and talents. :)

I can see that someday, this house of us and his studio will be a blessing to others too like how the recording studio they are using is being a blessing to us also. We will pay it forward.I am so sure of that.

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