Thursday, January 23, 2014

basketball and music

Rudolf has not been feeling well since last week, persistent cough is the reason. I already bought him a cough medicine because having him drink plenty of water is not helping, Praise God because since yesterday he said he is feeling better na :)

I don't like it when any one of us get sick and still have to come to office and work and do ministries as well. I know that Rudolf should have filed a leave of absence and rested but he did not. But at least I made him stay at home last night and rest instead of going to his weekly basketball game.

Basketball and music are his pastime and it makes him happy so most of the time I let him indulge. At least I'm assure of that when he is online he is just browsing some music gadget store like maybe checking classic hammerax cymbals at musicians friend or watching NBA games at you tube :) And besides he seldom goes online now.

On Sunday, they will resume recording as I have mentioned the other day and we are all excited for that. Please help me pray though that he'd be free from his cough by then.

Happy Friday and God bless everyone!

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