Sunday, November 17, 2013


Here comes another week. But I know very well that this is not just another week for those who are devastated by typhoon Yolanda.

 For them, this is a new day, new beginning, Today maybe the first day of rebuilding their lives, some chose to rebuild in their own town, some chose to rebuild somewhere else.

And if there is something good I am seeing amidst this catastrophe is that “almost every Filipino is helping” young and old, even those who don’t live a comfortable life, we are all helping in our own little way. I love that Filipino spirit.

 I pray people from Visayas region will be able to rebuild fast. I pray someday soon the place will be filled with people doing business, children going to school, I hope we can hear them laughing, singing again or maybe even looking for best vandoren reeds tenor sax and playing. I know that is gonna happen.

The rainbow that the people saw in that very place last week  is another assurance of God's love for them, that there will be joy again in that place. I am positive with that.

But please keep on praying for the Philippines. We need that.

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