Monday, September 30, 2013

Thankful Monday #1

Isn't it great to give thanks to the Lord on the first day of work week? For years, I often complain about Monday mornings only because it's the first day of work week and I want to change that habit now.

So, from now on. I will write a thankful post here every Monday. That would give me a happy disposition every Monday morning, I'm sure it will also bring positive and good thoughts and who wouldn't want that di ba?

So here's my Monday thankful list :)

1. Thankful for the good Sunday worship service yesterday. Grateful for the message "signs of the times".

2. Thankful for very very good friends I have in the church.

3. A lot has colds and flu last week. I am thankful, me and my husband are both doing fine.

4. I am also extremely grateful for the house where we currently live now. Yes, it is small but it is free :) and is helping us a lot to save for our own house someday. And small as it is yet, we can still share it to people we love :) It has flaws and the husband think we need high temperature adhesive for the roof and ceiling but still my heart is very grateful for it.

5. Thankful that we both have a job and although most of the time we think that our salaries aren't enough, still I am thankful for the regular income we get every 15th and 30th.

So there you go!! Actually, I could go on and on and on but the post will be too long...

It is so good to give thanks to the Lord!!! You never run out of stuff to give thanks to :)

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