Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keep the fire!

Today, while reading on the book of Leviticus, this particular verse spoken to me

And while the altar being referred here was the altar of burnt offering, that is actually a particular instruction for the priest and it was mentioned also on verse 12, meaning it is important for God to keep that fire burning, he even said "it must not go out" 

It seems God is also saying to me "Raquel, the fire must be kept burning in your heart, it must not go out" God knows the current state of my heart and HE exactly knows what I need. He deeply cares for me. I am once again amazed of how loving our Lord is. 

Now, going back to the altar of burnt offering, it said in Leviticus that the priest is to add firewood to keep the fire(6:12) Isn't it the same with the altar in our hearts? We should "do some work" to keep that fire. Prayer, worship, reading God's word and fellowship can be the firewood. It will surely keep the fire burning. 

The world may keep us so busy with all the things that going on in our lives. Work,deadlines, ministries and other stuff  that gives us less time to pray, to worship, to meditate on God's word thus making the fire in our hearts flicker. 

It is so clear, God wants us to spend time with Him. God wants me to spend quality time with Him. 



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well, even how busy you are, please do not forget your personal time with God. It is so important, it gives us the energy :)

Blessings everyone!! 

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