Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Going Natural

Slowly, we’re switching to natural products. As you age you start to feel your body and its complaint. And if we don’t listen, we’re sure to suffer the consequence. I know how health issues can hinder us from doing the ministries and as much as possible we all want to be healthy so we can be ready anytime to do the work.

So as I have said, I am trying to switch to natural products, even with the food and with the way I cook food. I noticed the big difference when I used Human Nature’s shampoo. I have less falling hair now compared to when I used non natural shampoo. Now, am into human nature products na :)  I also am looking for natural cleaning products like laundry soap and others. 

Natural is way much better. Can you imagine all the harmful chemicals we get from the products we use everyday (without us knowing it)? 

Some products might be more expensive but I guess it is more expensive to see a Doctor from time to time :)

Have a healthy life everyone!! Blessings!!

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