Monday, September 23, 2013

Class/Work suspended

Classes suspended today and so is work. It rained hard last night and been raining the whole day, thus the cancellation, you know how it is here in Manila, continuous hours of rain equals flooding of streets :(

My nephews and nieces are all happy with the class cancellation (am sure a lot of  students feels the same way) I was like that too when I was still a student. Class suspension means fun to me. I wish though I knew about student educational travel back then, I would have probably gone to many beautiful places each and every time the class is suspended..hehe.

But anyway, since there is no work today, we stayed home and I slept. :)

Rudolf read and started his preparation for the upcoming worship camp. This is for the worship team of our church including all the outreaches so he really has to prepare. I am also speaking in one session so I need to prepare too.

Please include this worship camp in your prayer. Thanks!!

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