Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Busy as a bee

Hello everyone.

It's been a while since I last posted here, life is quite busy, Our youth mission camp is happening on the 22nd of April, we are flying to Davao on the 20th as we are going to be the advance party. I'm rushing a lot of things before we leave, printing programs, certificates, Id's and many more camp stuff.  Plus, work is crazy and I have to settle a lot of things because I'll be out of the office for one whole week ( I can imagine how sad my boss is) but Praise God, he gave his permission and said yes to my leave. In top of that, we have with us two nephews spending thier summer vacation, so yes, I have no more extra time in my hands, Rudolf my husband is as busy as I am too.
We are excited about this first ever youth mission camp and I know that God is goin to do something BIG and GREAT to all of us there.

Please include us in your prayers, as of today we have an estimate of 200 young people (excluding the camp staff, officers and speakers) so more or less 250 people.

It's big work but I trust my BIG GOD.

And I believe my husband and I deserve a break after this. or a gift for our selves, david king briefcase and a brand new wallet for me :)

Anyways, please please remember the "mission camp" in your prayers. Thanks everyone and God bless!!

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