Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summer mission trips

As of this writing, we have two confirmed local mission trip this summer, the first one is the "Youth Mission camp" to which I am one of the organizer. It's gonna be in Davao ( Mindanao part of the Philippines) and it's a one week trip. Highlight of this will be the ministry we will be doing with the kids who were greatly affected by recent calamities that hit Mindanao. We will have feeding and we will give them some school supplies also.

This will be on APRIL 22-27, 2013, but me and my husband are going there earlier than that, probably the 20th of April which means we will be celebrating our 7th year wedding anniversary in Davao, (wish we could sneak in some leisure time to celebrate but that's quite impossible because of the enormous task assigned to me-but it's okay, who knows God might gift us a seventh or eight honeymoon in paris france wow! I would love that :) 

Our second local mission trip is in Palawan and this will be on May 21-25. This a youth congress with more or less 500 young people expected in attendance. The band (SELAH) will be the main worship team and we are just so glad that God has given us the privilege to serve Him through music. My husband is so excited with this trip.

Now, we are faced with two major problems, financial because these mission trips are quite far and both needed plane tickets, aside from financial challenges, next thing I'm worried about is "the leave for work" we both have to do as we are both working and currently my boss is not in  the mood to allow my absences. (please help me pray for that area)

I'm a believer of the slogan "when God sends you to mission, He will also send provision"  and I'm sure he will meet our needs for that.

So there, 2 misison trips for this summer and we are excited. If you want to help (specially with the school supplies giving) just please let me know :) and as always your prayers are appreciated very much!

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