Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blessings :)

My heart is full of praises and thanksgiving to our wonderful Lord who keeps on blessing us good things. And since today is Monday, I wanted to start the week right by giving Him thanks.

First, our church has new keyboard (actually it's second hand) but it is working very well. My husband can't get his hands off it. He is very much happy and he said someone should start using it already. Thank you Lord for the good soul who donated that keyboard for our church use. 

Second, Thank you Lord for the weekend blessing (financially). It is always good to receive blessing unexpectedly specially when you know that it's always on the exact time that you needed it. Bless the one whom God used to bless us :)

Third, the joy of having true friends- It's priceless. I just hope I am counted as one too.

Fourth, My father's health, now the only thing he complains is his cough and pleghm. This week, we are expecting another miracle as the Lung Doctor will give us his readings on the biopsy slides (for the fourth and hopefully final opinion) I believe he will have the same reading ( not Cancer) like the three doctors said.

So there you go. 

It's always nice and uplifting to give thanks to the Lord, the source of our everything. Have a blessed week everyone! God loves you very much!!

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