Thursday, November 22, 2012

Selah Band's ministry schedule

This week, we (SELAH BAND) were supposed to be in Mindoro for a Global Prayer Conference but it was canceled weeks ago, we were informed that it will push through on January next year. 

But next week (Novemeber 28) the band will do ministry in San Pablo, Laguna-  it's sad though  that our lead guitarist won't be with us because of previous commitment. 

And just this morning, a group invited the band for their Christmas Party on December 12.

We are thankful that we are still doing ministry as a band, sometimes my husband as the leader gets frustrated (specially with their worship album) but when they are given the opportunity to minister, it somewhat keeps him excited and alive :)  Music and gadget such as tremendous dj equipment at Musicians friend makes him excited also, so if  I want to cheer him up on sad days I just have to let him talk about his passion.

I really pray and hope they'll be able to finish  their worship album this year.

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