Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christians and the Internet

It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake. I borrowed my sister's net book so I can go online this weekend. It's been a while since our old desktop computer completely gave up on us and I miss surfing the net at home. My social life has been off lately because of that and not that It's like I'm missing a lot but it's nice to interact with friends through social media at times. Plus I need to check my emails at home :)

But I tell you, once I'm connected there are lots of distractions out there in the world wide web, sometimes I lost track and find my self spending time on not so important stuff . With the huge information the internet is offering us, you can learn about  anything and everything in just few clicks of  your fingertips such as beer making supplies at and of course it's also in the internet where me and my husband learn about balloon designs :)

I just hope and pray that parents are there to guide their kids when they are online, it's like watching televisions and there should be parental guidance.

We don't have kids yet, but I monitor my niece and nephews use of the internet and I make sure to tell them warnings and what is not to do when they go online. After all, it's not only the real world that is dangerous but also the world wide web.

So take care everyone and just like what my husband said in our prayer meeting last night, as Christians, we should use the ever changing technology in our advantage, use every apps that is available for us to become more closer to God, you can download bible in different versions and a lot of good literature that can help us in our walk with God. Let us not allow the technology to become the reason for us to turn our backs from God, let's use it otherwise :)

Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy your corporate worship with your brothers and sisters in the Lord!!!

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Ugochi said...

Hi Rocks!
You cannot be more correct, it has its amazing upsides and dangerous downsides. I have had some terrible encounters with the internet some of which I shared here: