Monday, October 8, 2012

Worship Pastor

Apparently that's my husband position in our church now. I don't even know what it means :) but last Sunday, they (along with other Pastors) were presented in the church as we had our first Metro Manila joint worship service in our new worship place.

Honestly, the position and the title does not matter to us but the responsibility does.

And I know, here comes a bigger responsibility for him, am I afraid he can't cope with it? Oh yes I admit I am but I am also reminded that if those whom the Lord found faithful in small things, He gives more. So I praise God for entrusting bigger responsibility to my husband.

I stand on His promise that not by my husband's might but by the power of the Holy Spirit, he wil be able to fulfill this greater calling.

And I know also that I play a very big role on this as his wife.

I must understand and support him all the more. And I know he will be spending more time for this, for planning,praying, executing and pastoring all the worship teams from different outreaches of our church. Help me God :) because I know I can be rough at times specially when it comes to the many music instruments and gadgets, even an aa battery charger for microphones and what nots can cause a major headache for me sometimes.

I should understand that the responsibility was not given to my husband alone but for both of us. I acknowledge though that God will give us strength and all the resources we need for the ministry.

God bless everyone!!

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