Monday, October 22, 2012

Raising Funds for Ministries

Sometimes (okay most of the times) having lack of funds for the ministries disappoint me. And I know I should not look at it and just keep on going but reality is we need funds to feed the kids in that urban poor area, we need money to be able to send our scholars to school, we need funds when the band go to places to lead worship events and we need funds so they can finish their worship album.

So the burden of raising funds is always there, last night while my husband is printing t-shirt for the Global Intercessors we talked again on how we can raise funds for the band as we have one upcoming event this November in Mindoro, we had lots of ideas (thank God for that) and we weighed every possibilities to earn (from printing to selling foods and scraps in the house even military coin and silver coins if we have that).

 But of course, God never fails to provide. Thank you also that there are people whose heart was touched by the Lord and have been supporting us in all our ministries. The Lord bless you. Proof is, the first semester of school year is now over and we were able to pay all the tuition fees of our scholars.

For the upcoming second semester, two of our college students are already enrolled.

I know our ministry funds are depleting and running low but God will surely fill it again.

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