Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: Scholars

This is actually sad news. One of our high school scholars who was with our church in Las Pinas City is now back to Bulacan.

I was able to talk to the Mom over the phone last night and she confirmed that yes, Joshua is now  with them and they've already transferred him to another school there. Somehow, I think it's good news knowing that the kid will be with his parents now and that he'll still be studying there. At first I thought he's gonna stop which is sad because  we're almost in the middle of the school year.

Good thing they already arranged the transfer. what I'm worried about is that, the kid might get back to old habits as he did when he was with his parents, he stopped studying and he stopped going to church and was a headache to his parents. I hope and pray that the months he spent in the church and his involvement with many spiritual revivals ( youth camp and bible studies) will make his faith strong and his dreams alive.

I scheduled a personal meeting with his Mom this Friday and after that the team will decide about his scholarship. I am sure we can find ways to still be of help with the kid even if he is not with us anymore.


I'm currently finishing the brochure for our current scholars. Our computer at home is still sick (and dying) and I'm wishing it will not wipe my hard drive before we are able to replace it.No pleaaaase :)

I am hoping I can give you more updates about our scholars through that brochure I am doing. But for the mean time, I hope you all keep us in prayers (our scholars, their studies and the whole Fishnets ministry).

God bless you all!

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