Friday, September 7, 2012

Thank God it's Friday

Because it means weekend and who doesn't love weekend di ba? Although for me it still means not getting rest as weekend means ministry time for me and my husband I still love weekend.

Tonight in our prayer meeting,I'll be speaking and I covet your prayers. I've spoke many times in many church gathering but each time  I still feel butterfly in my stomach. I still get nervous :(

Sunday, my husband and the band (SELAH) were invited in a concert for a cause and we are excited for that. It's been a while since they all played and sang together in a worship concert. It will also be preparation for the upcoming fundraising concert of our church in Alabang come September 15.

So now, they are quite busy rehearsing and preparing for that 2 events. My husband bought another gadget for his electric guitar. It's a second hand though and he said it's a good deal so I just believe him. But I told him to stop looking at deal sites offering such gadgets sale and supplies like turnbuckle because he can't resist them. He promised though that the next one he's going to buy will be on December already. I really hope so.

Although I have to commend my husband for finding ways to earn extra money for his gadgets, like tonight after the prayer meeting, we will do t-shirt printing and he will deliver it tomorrow. God bless the hands of my husband :)

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever your plans are may you all have a blessed weekend!!!

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