Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Praying for our future house

Like many other couples out there, we also dream of having our own house someday. Even if we are living a missionary's life and that someday we will be away on mission trips it is still best for us to have our own home here in the Philippines. We've been praying and my husband and I both knew what we wanted for our house. We don't dream of a huge house, a 2 bedroom will do, with our own backyard and front lawn (we both love to have a small garden and lots of green plants around the house. So yes, we both knew we want a house not in the city but somewhere in the province.

But of course it all depends upon the Lord.

 I saw this site (pre-selling townhouse type somewhere in the province of Bulacan) two hours away from the Metro. It is appealing because it's near my sister's place. I was just hesitant because it is a townhouse. If we go for this, it means we bid goodbye to our front and backyard and small garden dreams :(

I don't know. We are still praying and we are hoping God will give what is best for us and not what we deem is right for us.

I hope you include us and our future house in your prayers.


Irvin Cg said...

God will give the desires of your heart... That's also our prayer...

Rocks said...

May the Lord grant also the prayer of your hearts :) God bless!!