Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do you let your kids watch TV?

I am not yet a Mom but I have few nieces and nephews, all of them grew up watching tv. Now, in my yahoo group, there has been a lengthy discussion and exchange of ideas about the TV policy at home, the benefits and the downside of it. I still don't know what i would do if ever I become a parent but I am sure I can not eliminate TV at all in our home so I guess I would be in the "restricted tv time" side. But I really do not know. 

I also believe in the NO TV policy but that would mean no TV at all in your home right? 

Most of the Christian parenting books and articles I read (yes I read those even I am still not a parent) are on the no TV policy because they believe that TV has so much influence in a child and that it takes away the creativity in them. With TV, they don't need to imagine things anymore because it's there already. I have friends who let their kids watch tv and surprisingly they (the kids) also learn from it. 

Anyways, I will know what to do when I get there, for now,my husband and I enjoy watching tv together (which we very seldom do as we are not fond of télés series and mostly we open our tv to watch the news only) 

How about you? do you have kids? do you let them watch TV? 

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Irvin Cg said...

Jaden watch barney in the computer... hahaha... but thats true... tv will influence the mind of our kids..