Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saying it with flowers

My husband (being the practical type of guy) is not the type who give flowers from time to time, you know just to surprise you in an ordinary day. It would be a big surprise to me if one day he ask and search about sending flowers with an online company and decided to send me one in the office (kilig much ako nun!) but there are few occasions since we got married that he has given me flowers ( still not the kind of expensive flowers)but it's alright at least he made an effort.

here are some of the flowers he gave me on very rare moment..:) I think most of them are my birthdays.

 A blue, yellow and red rose

and he has also given me some flowers that he picked somewhere (like the flowers below-taken while we were strolling the streets at my sisters's place in Bulacan)

and here's the funniest part, when we are in the grocery store, he would always go to the flowers section, pick a bunch of flowers and give it to me, as soon as I said thank you and I love you too, I will return the flowers and he'll return it to their stand.

I love my husband, he may not give me the best of material things but his love for me is priceless and he does not say it only with flowers.

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