Thursday, May 31, 2012

Be of help

Today is our Dinner for a Cause event. I'm hoping we will be able to raise funds for our scholar for this school year. Last Tuesday our team met, discussed and deliberated the new applicants and we came up with additional 2 High school and 2 College students. So for this school year we have total number of 8 scholars, for some it would be small but for a small ministry like ours it's quite big and the financial need is huge but as I've been saying here in my blog, we look beyond the need and we are assured we have a BIG GOD.

We do a lot of fund raising activities, such as garage sale (you can donate old clothes,toys, home stuff or even old stanchion posts) and we will sell that. We also make home made sweets and sell them.

I pray these young people will live a different life as we only not try to help them in school needs but also to become responsible individual. 

Please be our partner, you can pray for us and for these kids and if you have spare money to share it will be most welcome. You may contact International Teams for your donations.

Fishnets Ministry
International Teams Philippines
3741 Bautista St. Palanan, Makati City
tel. No. 832.5142

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sexyjessie said...

Sure, sister. My prayer is for your ministry.