Sunday, March 4, 2012

A night of worship

I just want to give God the glory for the first of the 3 series "night of worship" of the Selah band. It was held in our church in Makati and we were  really amazed by God's presence even before the band started singing. True enough, people were led to worship and praises and everyone was overwhelmed by God's wonderful presence.
Two more "night of worship" for this month and then the conference in Cebu on the 22nd to 23rd.Thank you Lord that you are letting us soar now, please help us as we do the mandate that you have given us. To proclaim your goodness, to lead people to profound worship through music and prayer and to glorify your name!

And to my readers, please cover us with your prayers as we take this big leap of faith this year.
God bless you everyone. I hope you'll had a very good weekend and fully recharged for the week. I'm off to rest after the search for dowel pins.


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