Friday, November 4, 2011

We are beautiful!

On times that I am doing nothing and just looking at the mirror (which is very seldom) I take notice of everything that's on my face like " I need to shave my eyebrows" What if I buy eyelash growth products or have an eyelash extension? "How would I look if my nose is bit smaller" know stuff like that..And I make all the faces I can make. Crazy me!

There are times though that I get quite sad specially when I see an "old" and "tired" and "stressed" woman at the mirror. Don't you feel that sometimes? I guess we all do have that moments.

But of course, my God is always there to cheer me up, saying He loves me no matter how I look. I will always be beautiful in HIS eyes. God created us in His image I guess that is more than enough reason for us to rejoice and say that yes we are beautiful!

So next time, you look into that mirror..say it boldly..I am God's creation and I am beautiful!! Amen?

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