Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Newlywed

Ramon is my brother in law, younger than my husband. I am so proud of him! he's so close to me because he has pure heart, from the time I met him even before I married his brother he's been special to a lot of people because of his godly character, very kind hearted and so humble.

Yesterday, he married the woman that was chosen by God for him :) and I love them both!

Don't you agree that they're beautiful couple? Who would have imagine Ramon the street kid, the one sniffing rugby to fill an empty stomach? collecting garbages just so he can have something to eat? is now the man wearing tuxedo suit and holding the hands of this beautiful lady :) So many have been blessed by his life and by their love and in return they were blessed also yesterday, different gifts for her and for him abounds :)

Even their wedding is a story of faith and trust in God, being a full time worker in a small church, he may have nothing financially speaking but he proved to us once again that if he has God he has everything!

Congratulations again and WE LOVE YOU BOTH! keep making us proud :)

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Doiz said...

maganda din pati yung altar set-up nila ate :)