Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy days are coming

December is one of the busiest month in our church. Several Christmas parties are being held per age group, like there is a separate party for the young people, for the singles, for the housewives and for the husbands. But this year, it will be very different, as we will only have one big Christmas party on the 18th of December and we tagged it as our "Thanksgiving Day". For sure, there will be presentations,games and gifts and it will be one great day for everyone!

But before that, on the 10th of December, we will have Christmas party for the kids in our feeding ministry in Makati and I'm working on that too. There will be another two parties for the feeding ministry in two provinces on the 21st.

I hope that with all the chaos going on during this season people does not end up tired and unhappy, after all though the busiest, this is the month where one can be happiest too.

I'll see how me and my husband will fare with this season,now that he is already working but having the same activities and commitments at church, I can only pray for us to do just fine.

Anyways, are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I just started with my list and hopefully will finish before the thanksgiving day. Some gifts I'm buying online which is great for me, talk about time saving :) And there are really great gift ideas out there like these rfid blocking wallets for women. I wish I could buy one for a friend but having it shipped just in time for Christmas will be a problem as we are on the other part of the world.

It's 33 days before Christmas! Are you ready for all the activities coming up?

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