Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I dream

I dream of living on a big house with many rooms and facilities someday. A library with lots of children books to read and a kitchen where healthy foods are always ready. A pedestal bathtub is not necessary but I would love a wide lawn and play area where kids will enjoy playing under the trees and the sun.

I don't dream that for myself though. I dream for children out there in the street. Children like "jay-jay". For the kids I have met ever since I got involved with the childrens' ministry.

I dream for that girl who sells sampaguita (flowers) in a busy hi-way. I dream for that little boy walking and running  without slippers not minding the danger of his own playground. I dream for that teenage girl I once met sniffing rugby and sleeping in front of establishments together with some boys (their age ranges from 7-16 years old). Oh how my hearts bleeds for her.

I dream for the many children living in the streets left on their own, abandoned,astray, hungry and alone.

I pray I can have that house someday soon. For the meantime, I'll keep on being friends with them, they don't have much friends either and sometimes all they need is just a listening heart.

And I'm excited, my husband and I thought of a new way to get to them and hopefully we'll gain more kids friends with this. Can't wait!

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