Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Our country once again was hit by a typhoon yesterday and if you think that we ever get used to it, no we don't.

Typhoon "Pedring" battered almost the whole of Luzon with strong winds and rains that filled the dams, thus flooded many provinces and towns including Metro Manila. The ever famous Manila Bay was not spared and establishments nearby (hotels, US Embassy, Museum and restaurants) were flooded.

Praise God.. we were spared. We had no electricity the whole day yesterday and that was it. But my heart goes out to those who suffered much, to those whose houses weren't spared and to those whose source of income were damaged and mostly to mothers who lost their children because of the typhoon. I know moms tend to be protective (some even use portable baby monitors) but how can you stop a ravaging water? how can you protect someone when you can't even protect your own life?

Please keep on praying for us because there is another storm coming and it will hit again the Northern part of Luzon which is still flooded until now. Pray it will not bring damage and will claim no more lives.

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