Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday today

Rudolf, our worship leader, our music ministry head and my dear husband turns 30 today. God knows I've wish for a grand celebration for him, a party with close friends and family, a dinner or a getaway for the two of us but sad to say none of that materialized.

Should I be sad? I guess If I see him unhappy I will be too, but I am blessed with a husband who have a good good heart. In spite that this day will be just an ordinary day he is thankful and happy. I didn't hear any complain or bitterness for not having something special happening today but instead saw him smiling and excited to go to work. He even said last night, I know God has better surprises for me. God bless him indeed.

Last Sunday, I was expecting the church will greet him as the usual thing we do every Sunday (greet those who celebrate their birthday for the coming week) but there was none, no one remembered I guess and that's fine. I'm bit disappointed but it's okay.

I bought him the 2nd hand Ipod dock/charger/speaker he's been wanting to get as my gift to him and he's very happy with that. I wish I could buy him all the cables, wire covers, usb hub, external drive and gadgets he wants because I know he would be happy with that but I am thankful that even if I don't he is still a happy man.

I am blessed and I am thankful

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Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your husband! He sounds like a wonderful, easy-going man; a true blessing to be sure.