Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radical Youth Concert : A success!!

Praising God for the successful fund raising youth concert this afternoon. It was successful in many ways.

First : it generated some funds for the youth camp (maybe not too big but still it was not bad)

Second : we discovered the many talents these young people have, we were amazed to witness how they revealed their talents through this concert. Now, we know who have very good voices and can definitely sing, those who can dance, those who act (which has been not visible to our youth ministry for such a long time)and those who can be leaders in the future.

Third : People who came went home blessed and touched by the presentation and it's the greatest achievement for the concert. We were able to minister to audience through the songs and the finale act (drama) which was very well applauded. The message we wanted to impart was clearly communicated even without someone preaching. And the message? that there is HOPE even if you're life is a mess. Broken homes? troubled? Unwanted pregnancy? A life threatening disease? Give it all to the LORD and HE can fix it.

My husband who played bass for the whole concert (he normally plays the lead guitar) need not take the best fat burners for men anymore because just helping the youth with this kind of activities burns even more fat I guess. I love how he encouraged the audience to give offering and help the youth raise more funds for the upcoming camp.

I was asked to do the stage directing and I gladly did accepted the job. It was a pleasure working with these young people burning with passion to love and serve the one and only GOD!! And it was also a pleasure to see everyone who went out of their way to support the said concert. May the blessings be returned to you all in ways you can not imagined!

To HIM be all the GLORY!!

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