Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful that I am employed

I have considered resigning from my job many times, If I remember it right I told my boss thrice that I am resigning already but God do have different plans because I'm still with my boss and few weeks from now, it will be seven years since I accepted the job.

And at this point in time, I am thankful that I have a job and a stable one. Seeing the many graduates and unemployed..really I am grateful. This job has helped me more than I expected and though we do not have payday advance program in our company, they were never late in giving our salary and is helping employees during emergencies.

So right now the last thing I do not want to happen is to lose this job because of our house project. I'll stay few more years and unless the Lord brings me/us to another land I think I'll hang on here.

Waking up early in the morning to come to office is a struggle..
Serving a boss that is demanding and strict is hard
But in spite of all that..I am blessed. I work hard for what I spend.


sexyjessie said...

Hey sis, what are u working as? All the while I thought you are working full time in the church.

Rocks said...

Hi sis! nope, am nor working full time in the church..but my husband is serving full time.. I'm a just a volunteer. :)