Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prayers please

Two weeks to go and we're off to Singapore for the Mission's Conference. And what we have is only our plane tickets. We still do not have the money for the registration fee and for the travel tax and everything else.

My husband attempted to raise funds ( I know he wrote some of our friends but no one positively responded as of to date as far as I know). And in his desire to at least help me financially, he accepted a t-shirt printing job but little did we know that this will become more of a headache to us than a blessing (at least at my point of view-I am sure God sees it differently) Right now we have to recover at least  6,000.00 pesos ($136.00) for the t-shirts we bought  but made the wrong print. Of course the client rejected it.

Recently, I am thinking to just forego the plane ticket and not attend the conference anymore but I am reminded of the "FAITH-DETERMINATION" that was preached by our Pastor weeks ago. And so I am not giving up.

We still have 13 days and I know God is never late and is never too early. He will provide and He will surely make a way. How, when, where and with whom? He only knows.

However, please keep on praying for us, please pray that our Faith becomes more stronger as we go through all of these.

God bless everyone!
UPDATE : January 29, 2011 - I  was wrong, it's not only worth 6,000 pesos but more than 7,000.00. And we are selling it for us to recover the money. As of to date, 12 t-shirts sold. Please keep on praying for us. And if your heart says you want to help, you can do so by buying the shirt. We sell it for what it's cost 80.00. Thanks everyone!!

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Up Close said...

.. meron yan. God will provide!