Sunday, January 30, 2011

God will make a way

God will make a way..
when there seems to be no way,
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me...

And right now, i just needed to hear that because I'm beginning to get worried for the t-shirt printing job that Rudolf accepted, he needs to finish and delivered it this week because we are leaving next week for the Mission's Conference in Singapore.

We still do not have the complete funds for the mission's conference but....

as it was stated above..

God will make a way and I am certain He will provide. Again I just have to remind my self that God is never too early and was never late. 
And I'm quite sure he's preparing another good surprise for us :) maybe even better than His previous surprises. With God in our lives we have no choice but to get better and better and better (like the tv deals at

Sure there are tough times (like what we are going through now) but that doesn't mean we  will stop here. Tough times will be over and life will be better!!! That I am CERTAIN.

I'm keeping my HOPES and FAITH high.

God bless everyone!!


sexyjessie said...

God will truly make a way. No worries, will pray for u.

Pearl said...

I hope Rudolf would be done with the t-shirts in no time:-)