Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My blogging Life

As I always say, even if I have been blogging for almost 5 years now, I still have to learn a lot of things about the blogging industry. And it’s a continuous learning process. Even now I still have hard time figuring out html codes that’s why I seldom change my blog template because I don’t want to mess it up. It took me forever to change the look of this blog from the old one.

I’ve been using free web hosting since the day I started but have already bought three domain names, now, my biggest challenge is to self host all my three blogs so I can have better opportunity in the blogging world. And I know I need to exert extra effort and time and patience for that to materialize sooner.

And I have a new blog which I am buying a new domain name soon, I hope I can find from a lot of domain name search a not so expensive one but is very similar to the title of my blog. This one is a niche blog as I intend to use it for my small business and for earning opportunities as well. My timeline is to have it up and working first quarter next year.

And I hope to teach my husband too a lot about domain search, web hosting, blogging and seo so he can also help me maintain all my sites.

It is not easy I tell you but It’s okay. After all it’s helping us not only on our personal needs but sometimes it supports some of our ministry needs also. Plus even if I seldom write inspirational and devotional articles here, I know somewhere out there, those who have read and will read some of my entries about our ministries, our walk in the Lord through this blog were and will be inspired.
And for that alone I’ll face the challenge head on.

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