Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's almost weekend again and I can't wait for this week to be over because of another long weekend. November 1 is Monday and that is a regular holiday here in the Philippines. It's the day to remember all the departed love ones and for us it simply a day of rest (from work) and day to spend time with the family. I will go home on Saturday so I can be with my Mom whom I've never seen since May of this year. That was long! And I am missing her so much.

Though going home at this time of year is quite tough because everyone is going home, you expect heavy traffic along the major roads and highways and the buses for sure will be full and getting a seat is a major pain but I will not be discouraged. I really want to go home and see my mother.

If only traveling with our motorbike is easier, we would have opted that but our province is four hours bus drive from the Metro and I will not risk hubby’s and my life with the small motorbike in the middle of super high ways.

How I wish we have a car, even a second hand car would do- but it would be lovely if we have a luxury big car, like the one with lambo doors that is selling. They are beautiful! I can imagine how exciting it is for the whole family to go road tripping together.

But since we don’t have a car yet, the bus will do us fine. I hope.

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