Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Vacation

Thankful Thursday is very interesting today because you'll  know something you do not know yet about all the ladies participating! Head on to Lynn's site and join us.

But before I do mine. I just want to thank God for being so GOOD!!!!! The 5 days vacation we spent with my husband's relatives is such a a wonderful time. I rested and was rejuvenated.

see the reflection of the couds and the blue sky in the clear water?..Beautiful!!

The place is very laid back and I love it, they have no Television, no Internet, not even a radio so we were completely shut off from the world for 5 days and we all loved it!. We had shrimps and crabs everyday (no wonder I gained weight again and thinking of trying tonalin cla to lose some) we swam our hearts out to beautiful river just besides their home and we went boating for two days!! And what's even better is that we were able to share God's love to the kids and to the people as we did one teaching/feeding day for the children :)

And for my list of ten things you do not know about me, here it goes.

1. I find it hard to sleep without a pillow in my feet.
2. I was once a recipient of the highest award in class (first grade)
3. And I didn't get any on the 2nd grade (I really do not know why)
4. I always have ballpen/s in my bag (I feel like incomplete if I have my bag and I do not have a pen on it.
5. I love working behind weddings, parties and events!
6. But I do not love partying :(
7. I do not like sweet foods such as cake, ice cream, jams but I do crave for chocolates once in a blue moon.
8. I am a night person as in I can stay awake the whole night and sleep the whole day.
9. My day always start with a breakfast even if I wake up in the afternoon:) (during weekends)
10. I Do not have a beautiful voic ebut I sing in the church :)


grace said...

Love your ten sis...

Candy said...

Great post!
So much to be thankful for.
I'm sure you have a beautiful voice!

Heather said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful!!

My husband also could stay up all night and sleep all day. I'm opposite! And I love sweets lol

pam said...

Seclusion...what a wonderful true vacation. And I loved your list of 10.

Lynn said...


You are just delightful. Wow, what a beautiful place for a vacation. Neat.

And, I had to giggle and smile through your list. I "get" you girl.... So great to know you more. And, PS. I always have to have a pen in my bag too.

Happy TT. Praising the Lord. Hugs, Lynn

Cindy aka Sunshine said...

Great list. It's so good to learn a bit more about you.

I don't have a good voice either, and my children would be happy to attest to that. :)

Hope your having a awesome day.