Saturday, October 2, 2010

My diamonds

Women love all kinds of jewelries, no doubt about it. But I guess diamonds would still be on top of our list. Diamonds they say are girl’s best friend. I do not have any diamonds nor would I have one in the near future, I just can’t afford it and so is my hubby, not even if wholesale diamonds are a lot cheaper.

But I have other diamonds in life.

My husband- he’s my bestfriend and he’s far better than any diamonds I can get in this world.

My parents – I will forever treasure them.

My nieces and nephews- like a women who take good care of her jewelries, I will also take good care of them, they bring smiles to my parents faces and to me! They are the family’s gems!

My friends- like diamonds and jewelries, if you have the best should be proud and I am..I’ve got so many good friends, real find :)

Do you have nay diamonds too?

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