Monday, October 4, 2010

My blogging journey

When I was still in grade school, I used to get good grades in compositions, when I was in High School, I became the editor in Chief of our school paper (it was a small school though) but nonetheless, I was in love in writing, I wrote poems, I wrote everyday in my diary-which are being kept into our old house in the province till now. I even wrote short stories in my native  tongue/language back then.

When internet became the in thing, I made an online diary. When blog was introduced I did not make one immediately but kept on writing in my personal diary. When I was about to get married and I have read a lot of wedding blogs, I decided to make one -for me to document my wedding preparations. That was 2005. And that start to where I am now.

I do not say that I am now a blogging guru but I am thankful I have already inspired? Or maybe influenced is the better term some friends to do blogging also. It was not easy, the first few months where you have to build your relationship to your fellow bloggers, the first few links you have to make, the submission to google cache and the html codes you have to learn, I tell you it was not easy. But looking back now, i can very well say, it’s all worth it.


Blogging has improved a lot now, if you want to build traffic and exchange links, there are thousands of sites that can help you achieve such. But of course, you need to check if the site is legit or not. You have to carefully study if it brings you the traffic you want. Exchanging links with higher page rank is a must if you want to increase your page rank too and when you sign up to free link exchange network, make sure they bring guaranteed results and that your sites’s back links will grow. Join forums, advertise your blog –there are hundreds of ways to get free advertising but like any other business, you have to invest time and effort and sometimes money too.

You may also blog for your personal use only like some of my friends, they just want to write and they find blogging as the outlet. Whatever reason, I hope you do enjoy blogging as I do. Have a nice day everyone!


Diamond R said...

keep on writing,
i follow you to empower our blogging community. follow back

grace said...

God bless always!